Our Beginnings

Evergreen was born after working with many business owners in a therapeutic environment and seeing a huge need for health and relationship skills that are lacking in the business environment.

Clear goals. Skill development. Effective communication. When it’s healthy to compromise, when it’s not. Resolving conflict. How to argue and disagree for the best outcomes.

Josh chose Evergreen because the counsel and advice provided is always true, it’s evergreen. It never changes color or dies off. There are a million books and a million programs for business owners and it seems like a lot of the time it’s just recycled material with a slightly different edit, Josh is providing a classic personal approach. Josh’s approach is a blend of the individual doing the work and the business itself and how it functions.

Business owners often need a good sounding board for their vision formation and vision process without triggering their employees, leadership team, or family. They need a safe space to air out their fears and insecurities/frustrations/stress without freaking out their teams or boring their partner.

Evergreen Coaching & Consulting office
Josh Emery

About the Founder,
Josh Emery

Josh was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. Growing up alongside Colorado’s beautiful front range, Josh followed his parents’ example by becoming an entrepreneur. Due to owning and operating multiple businesses, from financial services to the construction industry, he can relate to the unique pressures of owning and business and what it takes to succeed long-term.

Having always played sports, Josh learned the importance of team dynamics, discipline, and accountability early on, giving him a winning attitude and advantage that has attributed to his successes throughout his life.

Josh has been a therapist for 20 years, is a finance undergrad, and has been an executive director of a residential youth program for four years. He’s married with two kids, and loves spending time outdoors, biking, and time on the river, slopes, and greens.

Additional Information

Mission: To create synchronicity between employees and leaders that align with an organization’s values, goals, and desired culture.


  • Help leaders clarify their own personal goals for their business.
  • Discover company purpose, vision, culture
  • Helping healthy businesses be healthy people
  • Establish desired performance and wellness standards for employees.
  • Create a culture of teamwork by increasing understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness
  • Resiliency
  • Teach communication skills (Executive Communication Coach)
  • Teach conflict resolution skills