How We Can Help You

business partnership

Dave Ramsey has coined the phrase, “The only ship that doesn’t sail is a partnership.” If you are in a partnership that feels like it’s sinking you can relate to this . The good news is most ships can be repaired or at least repurposed. Partnership coaching addresses the relationship between partners as much as, if not more than, addressing the business itself. For a partnership to be successful and healthy it is imperative to ensure that all partners know what they want and have enough in common with one another.

Partnership coaching typically looks like this:

  • We meet for an initial discovery session to get an accurate overview of the business and the people involved.
  • Deep dive sessions with each partner to accurately determine what they want for, and out of, their business.
  • We meet to share vision and goals to determine next steps.
  • If there is significant alignment in vision we move to setting goals and accountability measures.
  • Remaining connected and in sync is a crucial part of successful partnerships. Consistent meetings to address issues, conflicts, and needs is a major part in maintaining a healthy partnership.