How We Can Help You

Office team

Good teams trust each other, understand each other, communicate well and resolve conflict as it arises. This process requires intentionality, skill, and commitment. My approach to team coaching is to establish a safe and trusted environment to discuss and resolve the real and important issues. These skills take time to develop and having a consistent meeting to practice in developing these skills leads to a healthier and more productive team.

Team Coaching typically looks like this:

  • We meet as a leadership team or C-suite team once a month.
  • As we identify and work through issues, we highlight the organizational and interpersonal skills necessary for success.
  • The agendas for each meeting can and will adjust to ensure the time spent is on the most valuable topics.
  • This setting allows for conflict resolution, clarification of expectations, brainstorming, skill building, encouragement, strategy development, introspection, and much more.
  • Individual assignments or team assignments will be given at the end of each meeting and reviewed in the next meeting.