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Values, vision, and mission are essential components that form the core identity and direction of an organization. Each plays a distinct role in shaping its purpose, guiding principles, and long-term objectives.

Values: Values represent the beliefs and principles that guide behavior, decisions, and culture of an organization. They are the moral compass that defines what is considered important and how employees should conduct themselves. When upheld and practiced consistently, values ensure alignment with the organization’s purpose and serve as a foundation for creating a positive and ethical work environment.

Vision: The vision is a compelling and inspiring statement of the organization’s desired future. It represents the long-term aspirations and direction that the organization aims to achieve. A well-defined vision motivates and energizes employees, partners, and stakeholders by providing a clear sense of purpose and direction. It acts as a guiding light, allowing the organization to make strategic decisions that align with its desired future and create a sense of shared purpose among all involved.

Mission: The mission is a concise and focused statement that outlines the organization’s core purpose and reason for existence. It answers the question, “What do we do and who are we doing it for?” Mission statements should be specific, actionable, and realistic, also reflecting the organization’s unique contributions and distinguishing it from others in its field.