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Coaching is all about improvement, but identifying the best areas to improve is crucial for true success. I am not interested in the latest program or fad business model. What I look for and help develop in others is time proven wisdom of how to be a purposeful contributor. What I offer isn’t new or flashy, it’s been here the whole time. It’s Evergreen.


I help better the lives of individuals and teams by clarifying their true goals and setting a cadence of accountability that ensures success. I have worked with too many people over the last 23 years to know that what they say they want isn’t always what they prioritize or practice. Coaching helps reveal this truth and solve for it.

I am a coach with 23 years of people and organizational work. There is no business or team without people. And people have people issues that often hamper business success. Identifying and solving for these issues not only improves the business, but helps the people be healthier. Healthy people tend to build healthy businesses.

It can be challenging to put a value on things like: peace of mind, alignment, understanding, success, health, pride, and gratitude. But most people report that these states of mind are priceless. When we do the right work that is in front of us and we do it with tenacity and conviction, these rewards are inevitable. Engaged, consistent, and benchmarked coaching will bring confidence, cohesion, and sense of purpose at work and home.

Coaching & Consulting Services

Whether it’s coaching or consulting, you are likely looking to improve in some area. Although both services can be helpful, determining the most appropriate service for your goals is an important step. This will likely be a collaborative decision between Evergreen and the client.



Unleash your full potential. Personalized guidance to achieve your goals, overcome challenges, and lead a fulfilling life.

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Create stronger connections, strengthen collaboration, resolve conflicts, and cultivate thriving partnerships for lasting success.

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Elevate team performance, boost collaboration, and productivity. Unleash your team’s true potential for remarkable achievements.

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Unlock your organization’s full potential and drive organizational excellence with expert guidance for efficiency, growth, and success.

How It Works

It’s insanely easy to get started.

Coaching and consulting empower you to unlock your potential, set goals, and overcome challenges through guided self-discovery. You’ll receive expert advice and tailored solutions to address specific issues for yourself, your team, or your organization through an effective one-on-one process to ensure long-term growth and success


Einstein is quoted as having said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” The discovery phase of my coaching work takes a similar approach. I want to be certain that the foundation that we are going to build on is solid and grounded. Thoroughly understanding the client and what makes them come alive is essential for accurate and resonating goals that achieve their definition of success. During the discovery phase we will determine what the real problem is and/or what improvements will bring the greatest return.

This is a collaborative step that usually entails a 360’ review for partnerships and teams. For individuals it starts with a deep dive value clarification to get the most accurate information about the past, present, and imagined future. Getting absolute clarity on what people really want and why they’ve done what they’ve done up until this point, gives us the destination to work towards and awareness of likely pitfalls.


Once we have a clear picture of what has been happening and/or where you want to go we build the plan. During this phase we decide what the best course of action is to get the desired results. We will determine services, exercises, mode of accountability, metrics of accountability, and the appropriate cadence for all of it.


The change begins. We follow the plan and regularly evaluate progress with benchmarks along the way. Change is often difficult and uncomfortable, but everyone knows that growth and progress almost always require us to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. Doing the right work feels good even when it’s hard.

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The benefits of coaching and consulting include:

  • Personalized Guidance: Tailored support to address unique challenges and goals.
  • Skill Development: Enhancing leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Goal Attainment: Achieving individual and organizational objectives effectively.
  • Strategic Planning: Crafting actionable plans for long-term success.
  • Improved Performance: Optimizing productivity, efficiency, and team dynamics.
  • Confidence and Empowerment: Building self-confidence and decision-making abilities.
  • Adaptation to Change: Navigating transitions and evolving business landscapes.
  • Increased Accountability: Holding individuals and teams accountable for results.
  • Sustainable Results: Creating lasting impact and continuous improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help teams get along better?

Although each team is unique, most problems have the same roots. In order for a team to reach its potential they will need to have clarity in the company’s vision, comprehension of their specific role in that vision, trust for their team members, and accountability for all of it. Teaching effective communication, productive conflict resolution, and wise decision making usually absolves mistrust and allows teammates to sync up in their respective roles. People like to be heard and understood, but that doesn’t always mean that they have the wisest approach. Interactive discussions allow us to hear one another and select the path that best aligns with the agreed upon vision.

How do you help business owners determine what they really want out of their business?

It starts with confirming what the business owner values most in life. Truly understanding what brings them purpose, peace, and contentment is vital to creating a business that works for them. Once they are clear on what matters most to them, they have a blueprint to work off of whether it’s building or restructuring their business.

What do you do to help business partners get on the same page?

When multiple partners are not on the same page we start off by solidifying the vision. By reviewing the vision we are able to determine where the gap is, and where there is conflict or misunderstanding. The steps that follow are dependent upon the partnership structure and unique traits of the client.

Do you address personal things when you work with clients or only business related topics?

My coaching approach prioritizes the health of the individual AND the health of the company. Every client is a business owner and a person, it’s impossible to divorce those two roles, so whenever there is a personal issue it’s likely to impact their business or how they manage their business. It’s imperative we are able to discuss an individual’s habits because they are very likely to show up in the work environment.

How big of teams do you typically work with?

It depends on the client’s needs. My work is most impactful when I’m working closely with the designated leadership team, helping them develop skills which they, in turn, integrate throughout the whole organization. This can be for a small or large organization.

Is there a standard length of time you work with clients?

In general, yes. Although each contract is unique to the client’s needs, I find it most helpful to work on a 12 to 18 month agreement. Change takes time.

Do you work virtually?

Yes. When possible, however, it is very valuable to meet face to face.

Why People Love Evergreen

Discover how our services have transformed the lives of individuals and organizations. Read these heartfelt testimonials from satisfied clients who have experienced remarkable growth, achieved breakthroughs, and realized their fullest potential through our dedicated coaching and consulting support.

” I’m so thankful for Josh Emery as he’s helped me in so many ways in being a better leader in managing my business and our team. This starts with working on the inside of me first, getting to the core of how I was feeling, then reacting to certain situations that are tough. Josh identified many things from my past, but then brought solutions on how I could better deal with stressful situations in a respectful and professional manner without overreacting. This has made a huge impact on my professional and personal life! One major exercise was “The impact of values clarification exercise”. This exercise breaks down many things that help you identify your value system, and then you can execute your value system in a way that’s healthy and effective for your business, and personal life! The help I’ve received from Josh has been life changing for my family and business life !! I would not be where I am today today without the skillful and impactful solutions I’ve been taught by Josh Emery. It’s been an amazing transformation and experience. I’ll never be able to repay him back!”

Rusty Huelle
Owner, 3 Bidz Windows and Patio Doors

“Plain and simple, Josh Emery’s coaching & counseling is life changing! Finding what makes you happy is not easy. Happiness is different for everyone and Josh has a tremendous way of helping you identify what is most important to you and what drives your happiness and then make a plan of action to help achieve it. I have been with Josh for a year and can’t thank him enough for helping to change my life for the better!”

Ryan Reed-Baum
Owner, TruLog

“Our team worked with Josh to help improve communication and clarity for how to perform better as a team. Through this work, we had many insights. As an example, we had several less tenured team members that had a lot of potential and zeal, but were experiencing interference from a senior member of our team who wasn’t really buying in fully. After several months of this behavior and a performance management process, we went through a conflict resolution process which resulted in the remaining team members performing at a higher level, with greater clarity and confidence, and team members who were not bought in fully to leave our organization. I had to have several difficult conversations with a business partner who was not meeting their responsibilities, and I ultimately decided they needed to leave our organization. Josh helped me and this team member navigate this difficult conversation in a respectful and professional manner that was reflective of our values.”

Clint Jasperson
Wealth Advisor, Purpose Driven Wealth

“When I started working with Josh as a coach, I thought it was going to be focused on how to grow professionally with a new partnership. Over the years I have learned that your professional life and personal life need to work in tandem if you are looking for peace and harmony in life. Josh and I continue to work together on my journey of mindfulness and the power we harness as individuals and it is changing my life for the better as a professional, a husband and a dad.”

Wayne Jamerson
Partner, IFAM Capital

“Working with Josh has brought us a whole new level of clarity and depth to our team, fostering healthy positive growth. Josh has an incredible understanding of people as individuals as well as team members, bringing these elements together in a meaningful way is a definite level up! Having a knowledgeable and wise outsider who can bring a new perspective and insight into the room, has been so powerful for our business!”

Nate Frary
Dutch Bros. Coffee
Northern Colorado / Southern Wyoming

“People are both the most rewarding and challenging part of effectively operating any business or team. Having the ability to effectively communicate and find solutions with that team is critical in business. If you are looking for a way to break through the hang-ups every leader and organization faces, and become clearly understood as well as everyone looking in the same direction, then Josh Emery is the person to get you there.

Pete Myers
President, Enitor Enterprises